Monuments and natural sites

Thanks to being steeped in history, the Grand Pic Saint Loup has many monuments and sites to visit, from the Paleolithic period through to the 12th century, including the Roman conquest. Among them is the prehistoric village of Cambous from the Copper Age. You can admire our feudal castles, such as those at Baulx and Montferrand. In some of our medieval villages other notable buildings include churches dating from the first millennium — impressive feats of architecture from the Romanesque era. And just as picturesque, in the heart of our Hérault countryside you will have the opportunity to come across mazets (small, ancient farmhouses) and old mills. Our medieval heritage, with its feudal castles and sites dating back to the Middle Ages, the Neolithic remains, and the Romanesque nature of some of our monuments, will ensure you won’t be short of places to visit in the Grand Pic Saint Loup. Discover must-see natural sites such as the Pic Saint Loup and the Buèges Valley; let yourself be carried away by the diversity of the wild landscapes, from the garrigue to the hills of the Cevennes — panoramas of unspoilt natural beauty, generous sun, and the aroma of thyme and broom in the heart of Hérault’s wide open spaces. We invite you to discover unique holiday spots in this diverse countryside, away from urban areas; natural sites to explore whatever your age, and to learn about the local flora and fauna. Nature in the Grand Pic Saint Loup has many forms: its plains combine the aromatic garrigue and the verdant vineyards; its craggy mountains, from the Séranne to the Hortus, offer steep gorges from which slip unexpected rivulets. Access of the Ravin des Arcs and the Montferrand Castle are private, dangerous ground.