Where to eat in Grand Pic Saint-Loup

If you’re passing through the Grand Pic Saint Loup region, be sure to visit one (or two) of our many fine restaurants: enjoy dishes with the full flavours of the South. Whether you’re in Les Matelles, St Martin de Londres, St Gély du Fesc, Teyran, St Clément de Rivière… the restaurateurs of our villages will welcome you to their tables throughout the year with menus that vary with the seasons. Each will prepare, in their own style, the traditional or modern dishes that constitute creative gourmet cuisine, using local produce or more exotic ingredients from afar. Whether it’s gourmet cuisine, home cooking, or bistrot-style dishes, our restaurants invite you to put your feet under the table to sample the culinary heritage around the Grand Pic Saint Loup. In addition to the pleasures of good food, you can of course also enjoy a good glass of wine on the terrace or leaning against a bar.